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Associate Recruitment

Enhanced Dental Care is looking for an Associate to join our practice's family. Rehoboth Beach is a land of opportunity for those seeking to provide excellent dental care, which is precisely what lead Dr. Jeffrey Cooper here over 9 years ago. The Sussex County ratio of dentists is currently 1 doctor per 5,000 people; it is our mission to offer quality care to as many patients as we can.

Living in Rehoboth Beach offers so many benefits, and often seems like a vacation destination instead of your hometown. Our community is a warm and welcoming one, and there are so many fun events and restaurants to explore - no matter how long you've lived in the area.

Rehoboth Beach is a beautiful city, and Enhanced Dental Care strives to give back to it every day. We are looking for an Associate to join us in providing quality care to the community, and grow with us as a family.